48 BLOCKS the Series
"Just like on the court, one false move can lose the game."



Little Rock Films has assembled a talented team to shoot this original dramatic series in Atlantic City in the Spring/Summer of 2019.

With an emerging arts community and the development of the Stockton campus, Atlantic City is on the upswing. We intend to spotlight the city and its people on its journey through the changing tides. 


Against the grit and glitter of present-day Atlantic City, this drama follows ex-NBA star Vernon “KING” Carver, a man under pressure. His enemies are out to bring the philanthropist and real estate magnate down, and the nameless public basketball court he’s gifted to his hometown becomes the focal point of the battle. If “Question Mark Park” gets razed, Carver’s long buried secrets will surface.

As much a crime story as a journey of personal discovery, 48 Blocks casts an honest eye on the cost of doing the right thing. This is a time and a place with recognizable realities that force hard bargains that keep audiences asking for more. 


Investment opportunities are available. Contact Dina at dina@littlerockfilmsandstudios.com for more information.