Adult: Commercial



This adult 7-week program is designed to develop your presentation skills, overcome shyness and gain confidence.   You will learn basic public speaking tips and tricks as well as the fundamentals of the acting business. We will focus on commercials, speeches and monologues as mediums to learn, practice and grow. Each student will work on-camera every class. No experience is necessary. $299



Adult: On-Camera Scene Study

Mon – Sun: 9a, 5p


This adult 7-week program is designed for the beginning or amateur actor. You will learn both the foundations of acting and the technical skills necessary for success in film acting. The course is based on the Stanislavsky Method.  This class is designed to be repeated, either at once or after a hiatus. We will explore and breakdown scripts and characters and learn how to live in the moment. Completion is not automatically linked to acceptance for the Ongoing Advanced Scene Study Class. The program culminates in a presentation for family and friends. $299



Adult: Master Class (Ongoing)

Mon – Sun: 11a


This course (by invitation only) will provide the experienced actor the opportunity to continue to hone his/her craft at an affordable price. This class will focus on living in the moment, listening and responding as if you had never heard or spoken these words before while remaining true to your character and meeting the technical demands of the medium. $135/mo.



Youth: On-Camera Acting Program 

Mon – Sun: 1p


This 7-week program is designed for the young actor (ages 10-12) to explore his/her creativity through a variety of fun games, improvisation and exercises. Using age appropriate material, children will learn character development, story telling, and communication skills to enhance their performance techniques and life skills. The program culminates in a presentation for family and friends. $299



Teen: On-Camera Acting Program

Mon – Sun: 3p


This 7-week program designed for teens (ages 13-16) utilizes a wide range of creative activities including speech, improvisation, commercials, monologues and scene study. We will also focus on auditioning techniques. Our teens will develop important life skills such as improving self-esteem, how to work in a team dynamic, and have confidence in public speaking.  The program culminates in a presentation for family and friends. $299



Dramatic Story Telling Essentials

Mon – Sun: 7p


Join author Daniel Putkowski to learn how to write a great story. This course is designed for all levels of writers. Whether you are an accomplished writer who wants to finish a screenplay or novel, or someone who just always wanted to try it, you will learn all the dramatic story telling essentials. Each session builds toward integrating these vital elements into a framework critical to a successful writing project. Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following films: Body Heat, The Godfather, The Usual Suspects, and The Ides of March. 6 weeks /  $299