Meet the Founders

Co-Owner, Dina Engel

Dina has always had a special place in her heart for Acting and Ventnor.  When she was a child, she spent her summers in the Ventnor guest house (located on Little Rock Ave - hence the business name!) owned by her parents and grandparents. This was her mom's "happy place" and she can recall seeing her mom's big smile each and every day. She had such warm childhood memories that in 2014 she decided to move to Ventnor permanently.

As a child, Dina was very shy and acting was her outlet. She could channel her emotions and transform into someone else. Through acting classes, she overcame many of her fears and eventually, this shy girl grew into a confident and articulate woman. Dina majored in theatre and received a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Penn State University.  After working in various theaters in Philadelphia, she co-founded and spent 21 years as the Chief Operating Officer at Member Solutions. She enjoyed her business, but something was missing. The day she returned to an acting class, she realized what it was. It was almost magical! Her passion for the arts was as strong as ever. In June 2014, she decided to leave her business and return to what she loved most...The Arts! Currently, Dina resides in Ventnor and splits her professional time between Acting and Producing. When she's not working she loves to walk and spend time with her french bulldog Lola.

AC Cinefest Awards

Co-Owner, Sherry McCracken

Sherry’s had a camera in her hand since the day she could walk…or at least it’s always felt that way to her. Her father gave Sherry her first “real” camera and taught her to shoot everything in manual mode. She loved spending time shooting and learning from him.

She took pictures of everything, but especially enjoyed taking photos of people. In high school, she was the girls sports photographer and yearbook editor. She had a darkroom in her basement and split her time between shooting pictures and shooting hoops. When it was time to pick a career path, she picked photography since being 5’2” made her a tad too short to be a professional point guard!

Sherry’s first “real” job was working in a camera shop. She learned how to help people choose the right equipment and answer questions about the two T’s…technique and technology. At the age of 19, she attended Antonelli School of Photography and started her own wedding and portrait business called “Sherry’s Shots”. She could shoot on just about anything from DSLRs, range finders, medium format (Hasselblads) and twin reflex cameras. She also worked for a local television station filming and directing a variety of shows. Sherry even had the opportunity to film one of the first MTV original videos!

One of Sherry’s favorite things to do is shoot candid family portraits.  Her clients come back year after year and have become a part of her family.  That’s because she’s shot their engagement photos, weddings, baby announcements, holiday photos, and watched their children grow up through her lens. 

Over the past five years Sherry has discovered her passion for filmmaking.  After being the Stills Photographer on two Feature Films, she was excited to get her first opportunity to DP her first Feature, American Gothic. Cinematography closely competes with her love of photography now and Sherry is always looking for projects where she can do both!